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(You can include a note for the troops. Operation Interdependence® is a non-profit, charitable organization.)


“It is not what’s in the box that matters. But what stands behind it™”

“My name is Elizabeth and I am six years old. My family and I have filled this little bag with many things just for you. There are things in this bag which you can see, like toothpaste, soap, lotion, and shampoo. But there are many things you cannot see. My heart, my love, my respect, and most importantly, my prayers for you to return home safely to your family very soon.”

About Our Adopt-a-Box™ Program

If you would like to make a more personal donation, we offer Adopt-a-Box™ where, for increment donations of $30.00, you can directly sponsor the shipping of one or more of our boxes that are sent each week. Each box reaches 50 troops on the frontlines with C-rats® from home, which is enough to cover a whole platoon with no one left out.

Each box can contain a short note from you and, if you wish, your return details (over 17 only). It is a great idea for gift giving and marking special occasions or dates when you are thinking of those deployed overseas especially.

To take part in this program simply go to one of the donation websites above, request Adopt-a-Box™ under the “Designated donation” option, and add a short note (max 256 characters) in the field for inclusion if you wish.

… And How They Are Received

Dear Mr. Renteria,

Greetings from Al Taqaddum Iraq. Once again, your organization has provided some terrific support for our men and women fighting here in Iraq. We received 8 cases of OI C-Rats the end of May and another delivery just a few days ago. They were packed and delivered in good shape. I can’t tell you how much my men and women over here enjoy getting these relief packages. You can go out on any convoy mission, distant FARP, resupply run, what have you, and you will see the many gifts you send us being well used. Places like Mudaysis where there is nothing at all for American servicemen and women, the boarder crossings at the Jordanian and Syrian boarders, and small outposts and expeditionary areas all over our area of operations. We cover the Al Anbar Province. It is huge and there are many, many units fighting every day and night out here. A small thing like hand sanitizer, insect repellent, or a pack of candy from back home mean a lot to someone who can’t accumulate or carry much with them. Being able to duck into the rec tent and grab a couple of razors, soap, and shave cream and hit the road again is worth gold to us.

Thank your many members supporting and running this operation for us. Believe it or not, it has become a favorite pass time of our boys to look at the customs statements and see who the boxes came from and where.

I have to tell you that a bunch of “stress relief balls” made it to us and no sooner had I passed them around when a huge game of “dodge ball” broke out all over camp. It was funny to see “teams” surreptitiously form to go after favorite targets and bomb them with stress balls. OK – maybe not how they were intended to be used, but what the heck – they relieved a lot of stress. Many of my Marines got out their frustrations by bombarding their buddies and NCOs with those harmless sponge rubber balls. The fact that they couldn’t hurt anyone or break anything turned everyone into a “target of opportunity.”  No one was spared, not even at the staff meeting.

Your young men and women are “working” hard over here. Whether kicking down doors and going in after the bad guys, or refueling aircraft that pick up sometimes critically injured Marines, Soldiers and Sailors, we are making a big difference in this part of the world. The benefits will be felt in our part of the world long after we are gone from here.

Thanks again for your generosity and kindness. It’s great for morale to know we are not forgotten. God bless you all.

Semper Fi,
SgtMaj Garcia
Al Taqaddum, Al Anbar Province, Iraq

About Donations

OI® is dedicated to ensuring operating costs do not exceed 5%. We have not acquired an online merchant to process online donations as they have transaction and other fees that impact your donation. Instead, the American Express® card website listed allows its users to donate online and deducts less than 2.5% of your donation for a processing fee. We at OI® have searched every option and this is the lowest fee we have found. There are no other fees that OI® will incur. This method meets the OI® requirements of not paying unnecessary fees for service.

If you would like to donate online and you have an American Express® card we appreciate your support through this means.

OI® represents a nation crossing the line together® and we thank you for your incredible contribution.

The best definition we have found for INTERDEPENDENCE is one we want to share with you …

Interdependence is a dynamic of being mutually responsible to and dependent on others. Some people advocate freedom or independence as a sort of ultimate good; others do the same with devotion to one’s family, community, or society. Interdependence recognizes the truth in each position and weaves them together.