How You Can Help

There are many ways you can get involved! Below are just a few ideas. But remember, in order
to be an OI ® volunteer you must first registerit’s free!

Make a Donation

Operation Interdependence ® is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible charitable contributions to the extent permitted under law. All cash donations will be used in a general fund unless specifically declared otherwise. Please make monetary donations to Operation Interdependence and mail to:

Operation Interdependence
2695 Patterson #2-147
Grand Junction, Co. 81506

Credit card donations can be made by clicking donate online, or on the Adopt-a-Box icon posted on the left of your screen.

Join us at our 1st Cabin Fever Reliever 5K run/walk in Grand Junction, Colorado  February 22, 2014

“Adopt-A-Box” for the Troops

Today there are approximately 325,000 US troops deployed around the world. Our goal is to send each of them a C-rat ® from home every month during their entire deployment. To achieve this we rely on the generous financial support of corporations and caring individuals like you. Our average shipping cost per box is $30 or $0.60 per service member. You can “adopt” boxes of C-rats for the troops! OI will enclose a special letter in each box noting it was “adopted” by you or in honor of someone you love:

  • A $30 donation adopts one box and 50 troops will receive C-rats. This represents support for a Platoon during one month of deployment.
  • A $90 donation adopts three boxes and 150 troops will receive C-rats.
  • A $600 donation adopts 20 boxes and 1000 troops will receive C-rats.
  • A $1,800 donation adopts 60 boxes and 3000 troops will receive C-rats.
  • A $3,000 donation will adopt 100 boxes and 5000 troops will receive C-rats.

Letters to the Troops

We are always in need of thoughtful, handwritten letters from caring civilians. Troops also enjoy pictures drawn by children.

Setup a Collection Box

Setup a collection box at your office, school, church or synagogue where people can donate product for C-rats. Some have been very creative with this including a day where employees dress up in military fatigues! See the Guidelines for C-rats for products that can be shipped to the frontline. We invite a donation of $1 per pound of product collected to support our shipping costs.

Hold a “Packing Party”

Hold a “packing party” where volunteers make C-rats ®. This involves getting the product and quart-sized plastic baggies donated, writing letters, packing the items in the baggies and raising the $30 per box of 50 C-rats ® for shipment.

Want to help military families and veterans?

Only those items that meet the strict standards set by the military and OI are sent to troops on the frontlines. All other generous gifts will be donated to family groups on military bases, VA hospitals and other veterans organizations. Such donations represent about 25% of OI’s total distribution.