Military Registration

OI® is honored by your service and prepared to support you with monthly boxes of C-Rats®.

OI® represents a nation crossing the line together so that we can show you our support every month just like clock work. OI® accomplishes this by providing a means to civilians to support you without impacting your resources.

To ensure you and your command are not burdened by our support we just need to get an email acknowledgement using a .mil account. Your email should include your command leadership (PLT Cmdr, CO, OIC or senior enlisted) so that everyone that needs to know about this support is informed of monthly shipments of OI® c-rats® that are for unit distribution.

To get you started we need the following:

  • Official contact person
  • Complete mailing address
  • .mil email address of official contact person
  • The date that the last box of c-rats® should be shipped
  • Branch of service
  • Number of boxes of c-rats® to ship monthly (each box holds 50 c-rats®, e.g., 20 boxes will reach 1000 troops)

OI® delivers 50,000 c-rats® a month and growing. This represents 20% of all deployed forces and our goal is to deliver 250,000 c-rats® every month just like clock work.

Your service will not go unnoticed and we are hoping that a note and a piece of home serves as a token reminder that we are all thinking about you and your fellow Americans wearing the cloth of our nation.

We are here to serve you while you serve us abroad to ensure the future of our children and create a future for the children of the world. Please let me know if you have any questions.

OI® has a unique system and when we ship out c-rats® you will get an email to inform you to expect your c-rats®. This is why the .mil email account is imperative so we can keep you abreast of when we ship and you can in turn let us know when to stop.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at anytime.

Karon Carley CEO/President or

Please complete the form below:

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  • Enter the date when shipments can begin.
  • Enter the date when shipments should end.
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