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Thank you


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OI letters from troops no  2 001


My current address will be good through October. That will likely be it though. Thank you very much for all you have done. The Sailor’s in my shop are very grateful for everything! Deployment can be hard and any little thing to show how much people really care helps to brighten our day.
Thank You,
AE3(AW) Devin


First and foremost, our Soldiers and I can’t thank you enough for all the
hard work and dedication you’ve shown us by sending us the care packages.
I’m happy to report that we successfully received 4x Boxes couple days ago.
I can’t express how excited we were opening the care packages. It was like
Christmas in September.
Soldiers in Kuwait!


Good afternoon,
My name is Lieutenant ___ and I am a Medical Officer onboard USS John C.. We received a care package today which contained many individual baggies of items, some of which came from your synagogue.
All of us in the Medical Department were very grateful to receive thoughtful packages and notes!
I also serve as the Jewish Lay Leader on board the ship, leading Shabbat servicesweekly when we are away from our
homeport of Bremerton, Washington.
While we have a small group on the ship, we always light candles, share ‘challah’ made in the ship’s galley and even a
little Kiddush.
Thank you again for thinking of us here on the ship, we all appreciate it!
Have a good holiday and a meaningful fast. Sincerely, JCS


Thank you for the packages that were sent out by you and your team.
Knowing that we have the support of people in the rear makes it a lot easier
to do our jobs, while we are away from our families. Words can’t express my
gratitude. Have a great day.

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