What Makes OI Different

Consistent, Long-Term Support

Troops have been deployed around the world for decades and will continue to be for years to come. Our model is designed to create consistent, long-term support of deployed troops.

Does Not Bog Down Military Mail System

OI does not contribute to the logjam of packages often experienced by the military. Instead of 100 boxes reaching 100 troops, with the OI Civilian-to-Military Delivery System ®, 100 boxes reach 5,000 troops thereby streamlining delivery, conserving resources and opening up the system to allow needed equipment and letters from families to be a priority delivery. Plus the C-rats make distribution in theater as easy as “grab and go.”


All participants in the program are required to register before they can proceed. All C-rats are packed and thoroughly inspected by trained OI volunteers before being shipped.

Does Not Compete with Military Exchanges

Many civilians don’t realize that Military Exchanges serve a vital role in the life of military personnel. Not only do they offer products at competitively low prices to deployed troops and families on base, but earnings from sales pay for military morale, wellness and recreation programs. By sending small amounts of goods every month, OI does not compete with the Military Exchange sales.

Adheres to Joint Ethics Regulation

The Joint Ethics Regulation strictly prohibits any federal employee from receiving cash or one time gifts that exceed $20 in value. Additionally, gift items may not exceed $50 (aggregate) from the same source during any calendar year. OI ensures that this Ethic Regulation is not violated and the integrity of the soldier is not compromised. The value of OI C-Rats range from $3 – $4 each and for a 12 month tour the soldier would only receive up to $48 dollars worth of C-Rats, which is below the $50 a year limit.