Military Care Packages Registration

          Dear Service Members

Complete the registration form below to begin receiving boxes. OI® is honored by your service and prepared to support you with monthly military care packages while you are deployed.

OI® is Department of Defense Approved and sends only secure and inspected items. Each of our boxes contain 25 military care packages. Please let us know in your message how many boxes you will need and for how many months.

Should anything change or you need to contact us again once you complete the application, send us a message through our Contact Us page or email us here.

We look forward to serving you!

We love getting feedback about our care packages and are happy to see the effect they have on our troops! 

I wanted to thank you once again for all your support of my sailors onboard the USS COLE these past months. The bags have brought many smiles to my sailors faces. With that being said, we are starting to make our way back home, and so please send these bags of kindness to other service members who are in need of morale boosting. By the time we get another shipment of bags, we will likely not need them anymore.  Again, I cannot thank you enough for your support. Blessings upon what you are doing each day.




Chaplain Everts

Operation Interdependence,

    On behalf of OI division on the USS George H W Bush (CVN77), thank you for the care packages. We really appreciate the snacks, toiletry items, and that you took time out of your day to think of us.

     Thank you!!

Very respectfully,

 OS1(SW/AW) DeLamar, Victoria

Military skydivers
military soldiers with kids

You can fill out the form to the left or email us directly here.

Please include the number of boxes you’d like shipped, the start and stop dates, and your military branch. You can include any other information you think is important as well. 

Letters from troops for operation interdependence care packages for the military

I returned from a mini deployment of almost three weeks and the pile of work needing catching up was crazy, But I am getting it there.

We took the Frisbee fling thing out and gave it a couple test tosses and it seemed to work just fine! We don’t have a lot of Big open spaces where the dogs can just run, I mean we have fields, but we can’t let the dogs just run through them, always on a tether and when out of the safety of the compound, always on the alert, BUT sometimes they can run a little on the Helo landing zone if there is nothing incoming, sounds worse than it is, the dogs get their exercise and they are very much loved by everyone here.